Leah White’s holiday album combines classics with original tunes inspired by her own memories.  The time of year when all kiddos get “Sugar Highs”; “A White Christmas” about driving on the road with three small children to grandma’s house; “Jingle Bells”, “Frosty”, “Rudolph” and more.  This will be a holiday treasure to create your own memories.


Leah White is from Houston and she wrote original songs about NASA, Astrodome, Buffalo Bayou and more to inspire and educate Houston’s youth about the City’s history and need for preservation.  There is a map inside the CD to encourage families to take trips to these landmarks, learn about them while listening to the music.  The album is in honor of Houston’s 175th Birthday and is Leah’s latest release 2011.


Houston parents, Jennifer & Kyle Solak, wrote this fabulous book about Houston landmarks.  Leah took the lyrics and made it into a lullaby.  You and your children can read-a-long with the book while listening to the song so you’d better by OUR ROOTS ARE STRONG & GOOD NIGHT HOUSTON for the full experience!

Sprinkler is the hit album from 2010 that helped Leah win the prestigious Nickelodeon Parent’s Choice Award and the Parent’s Choice Foundation Award. In fact, the Houston Zoo chose “Beautiful Day” as their Official Theme Song. The Zoo plays it over their loud speakers across the park 2 times a day for all to hear. There is even a music video.  Sprinkler invokes a families summer vacation and is great to enjoy year round with songs like “Nose picking”, “Floaties”, “Sprinkler”, “Be Polite” and more!

Cake for Dinner is Leah White’s debut album.  She released this about in 2004 and it is geared towards the toddler crowd.  Songs like “Tiny Baby”, “Sing Set” takeover and “Monster’s Party” are singer-songwriter faves from Leah’s original collection.  Who doesn’t want “Cake for Dinner?”

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