Sprinkler album wins the prestigious Parent’s Choice Foundation Award 2010
Leah White and the Magic mirrors Sprinkler album wins the national and elite Parents Choice Foundation award which recognizes their music among educators and parents.

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights featuring Ch. 2 & Leah White & the Magic Mirrors
November 13, 2010
Leah White & The Magic Mirrors kick off opening day with the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights in Galveston, Tx by rocking out with over 7,000 people and Ch. 2.

A Sprinkling Sensation Across the Nation,Great Day SA
October 21, 2010
Great Day SA, Kens 5 San Antonio, TX
Leah White performs Sprinkler with the Heather Stolle’s School of Dance Team live on Great Day SA with an interview.

Debra Duncan does the SPRINKLER, Great Day Houston
June 17, 2010
Great Day Houston, KHOU
Leah White performs, Beautiful Day– The Houston Zoo’s Official Theme Song, along with SPRINKLER.

Lonestar Jukebox, KPFT-90.1
June 17, 2010
Leah White & The Magic Mirrors perform 4 songs live on air to promote the Discovery Green CD Release party of Sprinkler

Wide Open Spaces Radio Show
June 2010
Roark Smith Show
Roark Smith interviews Leah White & The Magic Mirrors upon their new release of SPRINKLER.

Leah White Writes a Letter to Santa, CBS
December 24, 2009
Leah White is interviewed on Christmas Eve by popular hostess, Debra Duncan. She performs her song “Letter to Santa” on the show and promotes her cd signing and performance at the Barnes & Noble in West University.

Lonestar Jukebox, KPFT-90.1
December 19, 2009 from 10-11am
Leah White & The Magic Mirrors promote their new Christmas album, A White Christmas, by performing popular songs from the album live and in the studio of KPFT.

Living Art with Leah White, Pacifica KPFT-90.1
December 17, 2009 6am
Michael Woodson– producer & host
Michael Woodson interviews singer-songwriter, Leah White, and explores her influences in songwriting. She performs “Snow Angel” live on air.

Wide Open Spaces, Pacifica– KPFT, 90.1
December 6, 2009, 11-12
Raurk Smith– producer & host
Raurk Smith interviews Leah White & The Magic Mirror and they perform their new album, A White Christmas, on air.

Local Children’s Singer Goes National, Fox 26
Updated: Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009, 6:06 PM CDT/ published : Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009, 6:06 PM CDT
HOUSTON – A Houston singer, who won a Nickelodeon poll as favorite family entertainer, says she was surprised by the honor. Leah White has been performing family and children’s music in Houston for several years. White says “It was wonderful to achieve that, especially since this was the first time I was nominated.” The singer writes much of her material. One of her latest songs was inspired by the Swine Flu scare. It encourages children to wash their hands regularly as a way of avoiding the illness.

News Feed, Houston Press
September 1, 2009
We don’t report much from the world of children’s music, but this is definitely worth noting. Parents nationwide voted Houston’s Leah White & the Magic Mirrors winners of this year’s “Parents Pick Award” as Best Entertainers/Music on Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect Web site. The Mirrors, whose first album, Cake for Dinner, features such songs as “Swing Set Takeover,” “Car Seat Blues” and “Don’t Trust Strangers,” are singer-songwriter White and three members of popular local Fab Four tribute band Beetle. The quartet releases its latest CD, A White Christmas, 2 p.m. Sunday, September 13, at the Houston Children’s Museum, 1500 Binz. Is it time to start holiday shopping already?

Canadian Radio Show: Brent & Woofy
November 23, 2009
Brent Boehler– Show Host
Leah White & Paul Beebe team up for an interview in British Columbia to promote the new album, A White Christmas. This show was also played in Detroit, MI during the holiday season.

Brent & Woofy Radio Show for Kids & Families, Nanaimo , British Columbia, Live Show
April 2008
Brent Boehler– Show Host
After only one day of giving birth to her third baby girl, Leah White, performed live and interviewed on our show. She played the acoustic guitar and her voice was just as beautiful live as it is on the album. We had a flood of callers that day after her live interview that wanted the album and to find out where they could by it. She now has many fans in British Columbia.

School for the Little Children, Bellaire, Texas
March 2008
Leah White was a huge success as the spotlight live performance at our Book Fair. Children danced and were captivated with her act and her original music. She’s a great live performer!

Texas Children’s Hospital
March 2008
Public Relations and Volunteer Department
Leah White’s humorous lyrics bring smiles to all of our patients at Texas Children’s. She is entertaining and sends a positive, uplifting message to our children and families.

Children’s Museum of Houston
October 2007
Bumni Gaidi, Children’s Program Coordinator
Renowned singer-guitarist Leah White brings a “Monster’s Party” to delight kids of all ages. Check out the evocative and thrilling sounds of one of Houston’s very own, popular children’s artists.

Leah White Delivers Healing Notes at Texas Children’s Hospital, Fox 26 News
September 2007
Ford Atkinson, News Anchor
Leah White is featured as a recording artist performing live for children in the Healing Notes program at TCH in Houston, Texas.

St. Luke’s Day School Book Music Live Series
December 2007
Day School Administration
Leah performs as a special “Music Live” guest and “Book Fair” main attraction for our pre-school-Kindergarten age children. It’s always entertaining and fun for everyone and we all love her debut album, Cake for Dinner.

Little Woodrow’s Neighborhood Grill Music
February 2007
Management/ Booking Agent
Even adults enjoy her sense of humor and melodic voice. We are a neighborhood grill that engages in her acoustic sound that’s similar to that of a cross between Sheryl Crow and Jewel.

Do, Re, Mi—Houston Press
July 5-11, 2007
Bob Ruggiero
Children’s music has come quite a long way since kids were pounded with repeated renditions of “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Texan Leah White’s acoustic guitar and soaring voice could get her mistaken for a modern folkie, but just listen a little closer. Songs like “Car Seat Blues” and “Dead Armadillo” are definitely aimed at kids. And don’t worry—she can still break out a mean version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” if need be. 6:30p.m. today and 2p.m. Saturday, July 7. Children’s Museum of Houston, 1500 Binz.

Singer-Song writer Saves an infant from choking at a Birthday Party, Fox 26
July 19, 2007
Ford Atkinson, Fox 26 News Anchor
Go to www.LeahWhiteMusic.com to watch the coverage from July 19th with an interview from Ford Atkinson and July 20th to view the live, in-studio interview with Leah White.