Leah White is an award-winning singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas.  She grew up as a Methodist minister’s kid, playing and singing music often in the church.  Music was always a constant source of inspiration and joy within her family.  Leah’s grandmother played guitar, piano and sang on Broadway.  It was her father who enrolled her in piano lessons at six and bought her a Takamine guitar at the age of fifteen.  It was the guitar that brought Leah the ability to begin writing music.  After playing in various places in Austin, London and Houston throughout college, Leah took a corporate job and began to lose touch with her music.  It was only after she started having children that she picked up the guitar again and began to write.  Some friends encouraged her to write an album for children.  At first, this was exactly the path Leah wanted to take with her music but she wanted to still have that connection with her art and so she began to write songs for her first album, “Cake for Dinner” which released in 2007. This album combined with public and private performances earned Leah White a steady following.  Leah White still craved to challenge her songwriting skills, so she released a holiday album, “A White Christmas” in 2009 designed to serve all audiences.  Quickly gaining recognition as an enthusiastic, witty songwriter with great live performances, Leah White earned a Nickelodeon Parents Choice Award in 2009 as Best Entertainer.  It was her album, “Sprinkler” that really began to turn the heads of critics and fans.  “Sprinkler” released in 2010 and the Houston Zoo adopted “Beautiful Day” as its official theme song and rolled out a music video to bring attention to endangered species.  The City of Galveston honors the song “Shark Shake” and uses it in their featured tourism video for the City.  Shortly after the release of “Sprinkler”, Leah White’s new album earned the prestigious and national Parent’s Choice Foundation Award for outstanding original music.  One of Leah White’s most treasured accomplishments is her latest album/ project “Houston: Our Roots Are Strong, a collection of original songs about Houston’s landmarks in honor of the City’s 175th Birthday.  The album educates and inspires the youth of the city about the importance of our history and need for preservation.  It helps the Houston businesses on the album by encouraging tourists and Houstonians to visit these sites.  Leah White’s band consistently performs at public areas all over both locally and nationally and she claims “she is proud to memorialize and celebrate what makes Houston unique and exciting”.  Leah White’s career has been going since 2006 and now four albums and many awards later, she is continually excited about her next project and inspiring people through her music.